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Investors connect with UW innovators and CoMotion-supported startups at Fall 2020 DubPitch

Written by Debra Bouchegnies / November 16, 2020

Eight University of Washington spinoffs, research teams and CoMotion-supported startups pitched to local investors last week via Remo at the ninth biannual CoMotion DubPitch. Companies and projects are in various stages of development, ranging from pre-SEED funding to Series A, and are pursuing multiple paths toward commercialization — from startups, to licensing to existing companies, to a combination of both. Mentors from the CoMotion Mentor Guild provided support in advance of the event by offering guidance and recommendations to teams as they honed their presentations.

Teams presented innovations in clean tech, engineering, medical/life sciences, and software. These included:

  • non-toxic technology that destroys harmful plastics in the environment
  • software enabling faster charging and longer lasting batteries
  • printable solar technology
  • aircraft powered by plasma-based propulsion
  • soft contact lens augmented reality hardware platform
  • a neonatal dehydration solution
  • machine learning ergonomics technology
  • artificial intelligence-powered video compression

A number of team members also included UW researchers who have participated in other valuable CoMotion programs, some of which have offered competitive funding awards. These include the CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund, our Commercialization Fellows Program, STIR/SBIR application consulting, and the NSF I-Corps program. Technologies with IP originating from both within and outside the UW have either had provisional patents filed or have been granted patents.

Our next CoMotion DubPitch will be held in spring 2021. Investors interested in attending may contact us here.

Participating startups

Clean Tech


Developing energy-efficient systems that destroy per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or “PFAS”, and other hazardous wastes with no toxic by-products. PFAS, found in products such as non-stick pans, food packaging, waterproof mascara, firefighting foam and many others, don’t easily break down and can persist in the environment and your body. Greg Newbloom, CEO of UW spinoff Membrion is among their advisors.


Provides software for battery management systems enabling faster charging and longer cycle life ‘for lithium-ion batteries’ for Electric Vehicles (EVs), consumer electronics and grid storage applications.

BlueDot Photonics

This printable solar technology makes today’s silicon solar panels 16% more efficient, produces lightweight and flexible solar devices for markets where silicon cannot compete, and ultimately, produces solar panels for half the cost of current panels to realize the terawatt scale deployment of solar power. See this video, Ten Key Elements of a Great Pitch, featuring the BlueDot team.


Stratospheric Technologies

Dedicated to developing aircraft that could act as atmospheric satellites in the stratosphere, powered with their novel plasma-based, propulsion system.

Visual Dawn

Developing a soft-contact lens augmented reality hardware platform with on-lens power storage, which is enabled by the company’s patented biocompatible, biodegradable battery.

Medical/Life Sciences


An intravenous infusion regulator and monitor for use in resource-limited settings to help prevent and treat neonatal dehydration and ultimately improve newborn survival worldwide.



A mobile cloud-native system that uses computer vision and machine learning techniques to evaluate human posture during physical activities and provide risk mitigation recommendations. SmartErgo complements the current ergonomics approaches used in the $2B warehouses and manufacturing facilities market.


Uses AI-powered video compression to democratize access to video.