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BECU FinTech Incubator Competition Selects Two New Winners

Written by Debra Bouchegnies / May 30, 2019

This July, CoMotion welcomes two new startups to the BECU FinTech Incubator: Attunely and Fincluziv. The two startups were chosen by BECU following a competition and series of pitches based on their compatibility with BECU’s business goals and digital product focus areas.

“BECU is excited to have Attunely and Fincluziv join the BECU FinTech Incubator at CoMotion Labs,” said Lee Harris, Director, Affinity Partnerships at BECU. “Attunely machine learning Accounts Receivable solution is one that could create a better customer experience, which fits with BECU’s member first approach. Fincluziv, solution for salary advances, fits BECU’s focus on financial health and lowering financial stresses.”

These new members complete the first cohort for the BECU FinTech Incubator, joining Routable (formerly Warren) and Noonum.

BECU, Washington’s largest community credit union, partnered with CoMotion last fall to launch the fintech incubator. Startups invited to join receive sponsored CoMotion memberships that include access to training and mentorship as well as access to BECU and their networks.

With the goal of driving innovation in the financial services space, the collaboration is a powerful combination of BECU’s expertise in financial services, data analysis, and customer experience, and CoMotion’s strengths in incubation, innovation, company formation, and technology commercialization.

More about the startups…

Attunely uses machine learning to increase yield in the accounts receivable collection process, thereby improving outcomes for creditors, lowering risk in the credit ecosystem, and facilitating a better consumer experience. The Attunely machine learning (ML) optimization engine improves the collections process on over $1 trillion of consumer debt in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry with over 7,000 collection agencies.The leadership team represents a blended team of seasoned entrepreneurs in technology, and long standing veterans of the ARM industry. Since launching their solution on February 5th, 2019, Attunely’s ML platform is dynamically scoring and optimizing 40M consumer debtor accounts for the largest U.S.-based collection agencies and creditor servicers. “On behalf of the Attunely team, we are thrilled to be joining such a distinguished group of fintech innovators. We very much look forward to contributing and benefiting from this unique opportunity to collaborate with such thought leaders as BECU and CoMotion,” said, Scott Ferris, Founder & CEO.

Fincluziv offers banks a white-label SaaS that simplifies, automates and digitizes the entire process of salary and invoice advances to employees and suppliers of their corporate clients, allowing employees and suppliers to access advances in one click. They provide banks a B2B2C solution that benefits banks and corporate clients as well as employees and suppliers. Fincluziv is self-funded by two full-time co-founders, Bruno Gremez and Samir Kasmi. Together they have 30 years of combined experience in the banking industry including Société Générale, BNP Paribas and ABN AMRO.

“Fincluziv enables banks to help individuals and small businesses smooth their cash flow and avoid more expensive financing alternatives such as payday loans,” said Samir Kasmi. “We are looking forward to collaborating with BECU and CoMotion in order to contribute to BECU members’ financial well-being,” added Bruno Gremez.