From training to funding resources to finding a mentor, here are many resources for UW Researchers on their path from idea to impact

For UW researchers

Whether licensing to industry, spinning out a startup or licensing direct to the user, UW researchers can tap into these CoMotion resources and services below. If this is your first time working with us, please fill out the Request a Consultation form so we can connect you with the correct Innovation Manager. Submit a Record of Innovation (ROI) form to disclose innovations to UW CoMotion.

IP management & strategy

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The CoMotion Innovation IP group has broad expertise with copyright, patent, and trademark law. They can perform patent landscape analyses to understand the competitive space, and they work with outside counsel and the project team to define a strong IP strategy for this opportunity. As a standing client with several law firms, the Innovation IP group is able to oversee the quality and costs of the IP portfolio while the project team is working toward company launch. Learn more on our IP Advising, Protection & Licensing page.

Innovation development: training, skill building & customer development

There are several resources available to support the iterative process of developing relationships with potential customers, defining the minimum viable product they need, and evaluating the competitiveness of this offering. These include Idea to Plan, I-CORPS, various skill building workshops and Lean Canvas, a planning document that presents the essential elements of the business model for a technology startup on a single page. Lean Canvas may also apply to those taking the “license to industry “or “direct-to-user licensing” path. In addition, we have resources to guide the team in creating customer surveys to engage with their market, marketing strategies and more. Learn more about these resources also through our Innovation Training page, or by emailing

Fiona Wills, Director of Innovation Development Group at UW CoMotion


Funding programs available for commercialization include our Innovation Gap Fund which puts emphasis on understanding customers and working towards a minimum viable product. Gap Fund applicants will receive support from CoMotion including project team coaching, expert advisers, and other resources to address initial planning, customer development, product design, refinement of the business model, team building, IP strategy, and honing your pitch. Find more information about the Gap Fund and other funding programs such as the Commercialization Fellows Program and Buerk Center / CoMotion Supported Competitions as well as public funding such as I-Corps, SBIR & STTR and more on our Funding Resources page.

Find a mentor

Are you a UW innovator in search of a mentor? UW CoMotion mentors have a wide variety of industry and functional expertise. Whether you’re looking for some quick advice or a longer term connection, we can facilitate. We will connect you with expert business advisors who will support your journey from innovation to impact.

Looking for guidance on creating an impact with your innovation? Our mentor database has experienced entrepreneurs interested in sharing their knowledge and helping you achieve success.

To find a mentor, first go to our CoMotion Advisory Solutions community page, scroll down to Application Steps and join the community as a “Team” by clicking “Click here to join”.

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Startup incubation, information & programs

CoMotion Labs provides a multi-industry incubation environment for early-stage startups with a focus on UW spinoffs, and offer critical infrastructure (desks, dry benches, wet lab space, and prototyping capabilities) to just-in-time learning, mentoring, and networking. CoMotion Labs, operates in two locations on the UW Seattle campus: Fluke Hall (life sciences, biotech and medtech) and Startup Hall (software, IT and fintech).

UW researchers spinning out a startup will want to know about streamlined licensing agreement templates–these are available only to startups formed by UW researchers.

Regulatory and reimbursement analysis is essential in moving technologies like medical devices, diagnostics or therapeutics forward. Through the Innovation Gap Fund, and the Institute of Translational Health Sciences, CoMotion sources outside consultants to help project teams address these critical issues.

UW Policy: Rules & Guidelines

  • See here for guidelines on how to mention UW CoMotion in a press release or social media.
  • Learn more about the distribution of proceeds to inventors from a licensed innovation.
  • Links to policies and reports at the UW and the State of Washington.