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Tool Lending Library

Tool Lending Library

CoMotion MakerSpace and the Student Technology Fee are excited to offer the new Tool Lending Library. This library contains a specific set of physical hand tools, sewing machines, and AR/VR equipment. Checked out equipment may be used inside and outside of the MakerSpace. These tools may be used for research, class, or personal projects.

Find a Tool

Visit the Tool Lending Library part of our catalog to see what’s available!

We have everything from hand drills to VR headsets to Arduino sensors.

Think we should add an item? Tell us here.

Legal and Checkout

See our TLL policy below. Borrow tools.  Bring them back in a week. If you can’t for some reason, let us know. If it breaks, let us know. If it’s your fault, own up to it.

Once you have a good handle on it, fill out the legal form linked at here.

When you check out an item, you’ll also fill out the log linked on the same page.

Term and Renewing

Your rental term starts the day you pick it up. We would like all rentals back by 6PM a week later.

If you want to renew, bring it back in and ask the front desk for a renewal. As long as there’s no queue for the tool you’re renewing, we’ll have you log it and send you on your way.

Tool Lending Library Policies


The Tool Lending Library is open to all CoMotion MakerSpace users.  To become a user, the person checking out the items (i.e. the borrower) must attend an annual  Orientation & Safety Training and complete the User Agreement for the academic year. More information about the membership process can be found online athere.  Items may only be checked out during the MakerSpace open hours.  During Summer Quarter, students may only check out equipment during the term(s) they are enrolled for (A term, B term, or both).

Any requested items will not be released to students without their UW ID and a current photo ID card, e.g. a driver’s license. The secondary form of photo ID must be issued by a recognized governmental agency (e.g. the Department of Licensing, State Department, etc.).

Item check out may not be made under a club, lab, or association’s UW NetID; borrowers may only borrow equipment under their own UW NetID and name in order for us to track who has accepted responsibility for the equipment and to prevent borrowers from having more than one item of each type of equipment. This allows all borrowers to have equal access to equipment.

Check-out Length

TLL equipment may be checked out for increments of a week at a time (seven calendar days). If a borrower picks up the equipment on Monday, it is due back by 6pm the following Monday. Borrower has effective use of the equipment for seven full calendar days following the day that the equipment is checked out. If your equipment falls on a UW holiday, we will accept the equipment the following day by the end of our open hours.

Late Penalties

Penalties will apply if equipment that is returned late.

If not returned by the due date, the borrowers will not be allowed to check out equipment on a sliding scale, based on the date of return:

-One day after the due date, one-week restriction

-Two days after the due date, two-week restriction

-Three days after the due date, one-month restriction

-For each additional day late, one more month of restriction


Penalties Beyond Restrictions:

-If not returned within five days of the due date, an administrative hold will be placed on the student’s registration.

-If not returned within six days of the due date, the equipment will be reported to the UWPD as misappropriated and in need of recovery.

Note: Any outstanding rentals will only be considered late for every MakerSpace working day. If the MakerSpace is closed, any outstanding rentals will not be debited for that day.

Note: All checked out equipment is due back on the last day of the quarter before we close for the day.  Equipment returned after close of open hours on the last day of the quarter will have a two-week restriction. Failure to return equipment before a break between quarters will be considered an extreme circumstance. The borrower will be restricted from reserving equipment for the following quarter(s). CoMotion MakerSpace reserves the right to revoke borrowing privileges for repeated late returns.

Equipment Pick-up/Check-out

The Tool Library’s stock will be first-come, first-serve until further notice. Before the desired item is released to the borrower, the attending member of the TLL and the borrower will both look over the item and note its physical appearance; this will be compared to the appearance of the item on return, and the user will be held liable for any significant deviations incurred during the reservation.

Assistance in use within the MakerSpace of items checked out from the Tool Library may be provided at the discretion of MakerSpace staff, but is not guaranteed. Upon check out, it will be assumed that you know how to use the equipment.

We do NOT allow friends to pick up or return equipment on behalf of the original borrower.

Equipment Return

Equipment must be returned by 6pm on the day it is due in a condition comparable to the condition it was in when checked out to the borrower. For example, we will NOT accept tools that are excessively dirty. It is the borrower’s responsibility to clean the item if it was soiled during their check out. Equipment will not be checked in unless it is in suitable condition.

If equipment is broken during the borrower’s possession or all of the items and/or accessories are not returned, the borrower will be held responsible for the replacement or repair of the equipment, as well as any associated costs. Please let the staff know immediately of any problems and we will give you directions on how to resolve any issues.

If the equipment is harmed due to weather, the user will be held accountable for the damage and the cost of the repair or replacement. Additionally, the MakerSpace reserves the right to inspect the equipment up to 3 business days after its return, and to charge the borrower for cleaning, replacement of missing parts, or damage found at that time. This means that if damage is not found during the check-in process (e.g. an extension cord no longer works), we have the right to charge for damage that is found after being checked in for up to three days. If a borrower fails to assume the responsibility of replacing any damaged items within two weeks of the date of notice (of the damage), the MakerSpace reserves the right to replace the items in a manner deemed appropriate, while holding the borrower responsible for the replacement cost.

Borrowing Restrictions

Equipment checked out from the TLL may not be taken out of the country under any circumstances. Doing any of the above may result in severe penalties for the borrower, at the discretion of the MakerSpace.


Borrowers who use the Tool Lending Library equipment do not have to specify the purpose for which they want the equipment. They may check out TLL equipment for any legitimate purpose and may remove this equipment from the University of Washington campus. In the event of loss or damage of equipment, borrowers will be required to provide information to the TLL staff regarding the location and circumstances of the loss or damage. Borrowers assume responsibility for reimbursing the TLL cost not covered by insurance for replacing or repairing equipment lost or damaged while in their custody.

All data, software, profiles, pass-phrases, or other information stored on the laptops or hard drives will be erased in the re-imaging process upon their return to the TLL. The MakerSpace is not responsible for any data and/or software left on a laptop by the borrower.

Code of Conduct and Computer Use Policy

Borrowers are required to follow the student/staff code of conduct while using our program. If it becomes known to us that a borrower breaks the code of conduct they will be restricted from our program. This includes but is not restricted to fraud and deception towards our employees. Please refer to the University of Washington Student Conduct, the Washington State Legislature Standards of Conduct, and UW Computer Use Policy.