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High Top-ology

Alexander Miller and Alexander Nagy as SPACEFILLER

High Top-ology is an interactive retail installation used to showcase leather sneakers using projected images on topographic maps.

The project uses different algorithms to generate and project the visual effects, and pressure sensors used can detect when a shoe is being removed or placed on the display. The team prototyped their topographic maps, starting with foam core and creating their final product on the ShopBot CNC router in our woodshop.


Jack Armstrong, Kevin Kitts, Kate Evenson, Tracy Tran

Alert, a preventative system with a smart backpack and crowdsourcing app to keep the campus community informed and safe, developed by CoMotion MakerSpace users at DubHacks 2017.

360 Sphericam

Supasorn Suwajanakorn

Check out the MakerSpace from afar with this interative spherical photo!  It was taken by the Spherecam, a low-cost 360 spherical camera using a Raspberry Pi and custom parts 3D printed in the MakerSpace.

SignAloud Gloves

Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor

SignAloud is a pair of gloves that can recognize hand gestures that correspond to words and phrases in American Sign Language. Each glove contains sensors that record hand position and movement and send data wirelessly via Bluetooth to a central computer. The computer looks at the gesture data through various sequential statistical regressions, similar to a neural network. If the data match a gesture, then the associated word or phrase is spoken through a speaker.

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