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We deliver just-in-time learning opportunities for all types of innovation

Trainings at your Department

In addition to our open enrollment trainings, we come to interested departments, research groups and applied classes to deliver training. See our training framework below. Please contact us at if you are interested in having us come and run a workshop or seminar in your department.

Jeanette Ennis, Associate Director of Innovation Investment

Research to impact seminars: Picturing the road ahead

This seminar series is designed to help researchers and teams set themselves and their project up for success, by:

  • Offering key insights into what commercializing an innovation looks like, and
  • Providing just-in-time information on cornerstone concepts and available resources at CoMotion and beyond to leverage as they get started.

Whether you are planning to launch a startup, create a not-for-profit organization, license your innovation to industry, or offer it to the world for free, there are common steps to take in order to make sure your project is successful. CoMotion offers workshops to help teams build skills and practice tools to lead commercialization projects to impact.