Amazon Catalyst

Amazon Catalyst is an award program that helps UW students, staff, and faculty launch their big ideas. Offered through a collaboration between Amazon and UW CoMotion, initial awards are $25,000, given to individuals or teams that want to pursue solutions to real-world problems and make a positive impact. Awardees – Amazon Catalyst Fellows – don’t just get money; they receive mentorship and connections with like-minded innovators. Once Fellows complete the first phase of their project, they can apply for additional funding of up to $75,000. Awards are not limited to science and engineering projects. Applications based in virtually any discipline, including the humanities, social sciences, and the arts are encouraged. Past winners include self-driving bikes, sustainable charcoal, a biosensor for pancreatic cancer, and a social program that dissolves stereotypes (KUOW’s popular “Ask a _”). The application is straightforward and simple – just 20 questions. Got a big idea that could change the world? Got a small idea that could have a huge impact? Apply for an Amazon Catalyst award.