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Meet a CoMotion Labs member: Numurus

Written by Gretchen Musgrove / December 2, 2018

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Meet Numurus

Members: Ian McKissick, COO //  Jason Seawall, CEO // Tim Kearns, CTO

Where: CoMotion Labs virtual member

When: Joined in August 2018

CompanyNumurus – With roots in cloud-driven smart systems for edge computing, Numurus is now looking to build a marketplace for edge software in addition to its smart sensor suite of products.

Edge software? Yep: bits of code that compute locally on IoT devices vs in the Cloud.

Edge software has three major benefits:

  • Increases efficiency by computing at the device
  • Shortens the gap converting data to information
  • Enables smart sensors to make intelligent decisions


The business model:

  • Contributors submit their software, modules, configurations, and templates
  • Businesses license it and incorporate it into their smart products
  • Contributors get paid. Here’s a visual:

Startup superpower:

We help developers increase the value of their code.

What problem do you solve?

For coders: We provide a marketplace for code that hardly ever sees the light of day because it’s written for a single application. We make it accessible to a global market and allow others to repurpose that code for their own application, avoiding the cost of writing it themselves. These software modules and configurations are usually too small to build a business around, but when componentized they can be monetized. Once uploaded, we help with configuration to make it more compatible with common systems and devices.

For enterprise: We provide a place to shop for and license a la carte technology that improves smart devices, saving time and money on custom software development.  The marketplace generates competition, driving down the overall cost of software and saving companies tens of thousands of dollars. The marketplace drives growth and capabilities of our Smart Brain product line, a suite of integrated hardware and software to empower smart systems.

Competitive advantage:

Edge related software is usually developed once, used once, and doesn’t realize its own potential with other applications. Without a marketplace, smart sensor and edge hardware manufacturers are forced to redevelop code for their own purposes – driving up the cost, wasting effort, and delaying production times.

Our marketplace allows buyers to access developers’ code and quickly deploy it for their own edge computing needs. Numurus existing customers of our Smart Sensor Systems can extend and expand their own capabilities by leveraging the marketplace content.

What’s the latest?

Numurus is already building Smart Sensor Systems that include edge devices, integrated smart sensors, and a cloud-driven ecosystem to drive code to the marketplace. We’re also hoping to launch a pilot marketplace at the University of Washington, where coding is a hobby – if not a way of life – for many. Stay tuned about that!

We’re seeking contributors who want to monetize their mountain of code.

Startup Advice:

  • Don’t wait until you have it all figured out to take a step forward.
  • Try not to regret where you once were. Hindsight makes things look ridiculously easy!
  • Even though your business evolves, always be able to define your product and target customer.


Why do you love CoMotion Labs?

The proximity to the UW is invaluable. The opportunity to Interact with researchers and other companies that are working with the UW helps us grow. Previously we were located in an industrial park, where there was zero contact with other businesses. We frequently reference CoMotion Labs in discussions with investors, partners, and UW folks. It has a good reputation!

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