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Meet a CoMotion Labs member: Doodlebase

Written by Gretchen Musgrove / April 26, 2018

Curious about our startups?

Welcome to our blog series, ‘Meet a CoMotion Labs Member’. These posts offer a peek into the groundbreaking work CoMotion Labs startups do and why they do it here. Stay tuned for profiles on startups from each of our dedicated labs in IT, Life Sciences, and AR/VR.

Meet Doodlebase!

Who: Tyler Brown, Co-Founder, Steve Hugh, Co-Founder

CompanyDoodlebase. We’re a cloud-based data management platform enabling powerful reporting and analysis on your manufacturing and test data. Our mission is to help companies achieve digital transformation by combining our knowledge of manufacturing, product-design, and reporting into a world class database and analysis solution.

What problem do you solve?

Manufacturing is complex. It’s also not good enough to get product manufacturing mostly right. We help companies deliver their promise with a software platform that collects and interprets the right manufacturing data. Here are some typical problems companies face in the manufacturing process:

  • Technical glitches
  • Changes in demand
  • Complex and multiplayer global supply chains
  • Automated manufacturing systems that make it difficult to pin point problems

Though automated processes have increased efficiency on the floor, when something goes wrong machines rarely understand the root cause. Our software does. Part of what makes our solution unique and useful is that our Co-founder Steve Hugh has 30 years of manufacturing experience. He’s an expert in sourcing issues. Years ago he built a generic data collector that worked across industries. Now at Doodlebase, we customize the data collection to serve customer needs. We can help manufacturers tap the right data, even at extremely granular levels.

We deliver 90% of the benefits of a custom solution at a 1/10 the cost.

Where: CoMotion Labs @ Startup Hall – IT/Software/Blockchain

When: Joined Sept 2016

What’s the latest?  As Doodlebase increases the number of its contracts, I present more often about the company. I really enjoy explaining how Doodlebase can transform a company’s bottom line by improving its manufacturing process.

Startup advice: Stay committed to your CORE audience. For instance, if your product is built for small and medium businesses stay in that lane. Don’t be tempted to land a huge deal if your product isn’t a fit for that audience.

Also, If you have good mentors and you’re willing to work you can go really far in the startup world. I’m a tech co-founder at 24, with a bachelor’s degree in film! Check out a recent article I wrote on LinkedIn: How to find your passion without looking for it

Why do you love CoMotion Labs?

“Some of the people here have become my closest mentors – through the Office Hours member service and workspace neighbors.”
“People here are so creative and always thinking – I even started a side business with one of these guys!”
“To be a successful entrepreneur you need a community. People at CoMotion have opened their community to me when I needed help.”

Follow Doodlebase on Twitter: @getdoodlebase

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