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Meet a CoMotion Labs member: Bevel

Written by Gretchen Musgrove / April 3, 2018

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Welcome to our blog series, ‘Meet a CoMotion Labs Member’. These posts offer a peek into the groundbreaking work CoMotion Labs startups do and why they do it here. Stay tuned for profiles on startups from each of our dedicated labs in IT, Life Sciences, and AR/VR.

Meet Bevel!

Who: Logan Smith, Co-founder, Simon Manning, Co-founder, Maret Thatcher, Co-founder

CompanyBevel makes custom Virtual and Augmented Reality tools and experiences for architects, engineers, and contractors. The thing that makes us special isn’t that we’re creating immersive tech. It’s that we completely understand our customer and the industry we serve – we are trained architects ourselves!

Where: CoMotion Labs at HQ

When: Joined Sept 2017

What problem do you solve?

Space is the problem architects are solving for. But they don’t know how to use spatial immersive tech to help them. For example, though architects have been building models in 3D for centuries – and digital 3D models for over a decade –  they’ve never been able to interact with their creations in a realistic way.

They can with our technology and services.

We recently completed a project with a company that wanted to add buildings to their campus. The C-Suite wanted a clear picture of how this new construction would affect the environment, e.g. how would views be impacted? What would it feel like to be in one of the new buildings?

We put their digital design model into Augmented Reality, then gave them a virtual tour of their future on an ipad! They walked around their existing office looking through a screen that displayed a view of the new design, adapting and changing in real time as they moved about.

Who is your audience?

Architects. Engineers. Construction contractors. Real estate developers.

What’s the latest? 

We’re developing better and more sophisticated software that empowers us to apply solutions across a broader set of business problems and more quickly. We’re unique in that we create the tech we sell as a service.

Startup Advice: You need someone to steer the business – content enthusiasts  are not enough!

Why do you love CoMotion Labs?

» Nowhere else can a startup like us have access to such state of the art technology in a single workspace. Not to mention mentoring and learning specific to our industry.

» CoMotion Labs @ HQ has everything we need to do our jobs: VR reality capture and VR meeting rooms, all hooked up and ready to go.

» We are headquartered in Seattle and Portland, and we need a CoMotion Labs in Portland!

» CoMotion Labs isn’t a place where we work. It’s a place where our business grows.

Follow Bevel on Twitter:  @BevelSpace

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