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Meet a CoMotion Labs member: Ad Scientiam

Written by Gretchen Musgrove / November 9, 2018

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Meet Ad Scientiam!


Matthieu Lamy, Marketing & Distribution Director. Matthieu is the sole (and brave!) member of the Ad Scientiam team laying the groundwork for the business in the United States. The 25+ member team is based in Paris, France, at Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world.

Where: CoMotion Labs @ Startup Hall – IT/Software/FinTech

When: Joined in October 2017


Ad Scientiam – We create smartphone applications used by patients with neuropsychiatric disorders that record and report critical health data to personal physicians. Nearly half of the team is focused on software and algorithm development. The other half is dedicated to medical and clinical validation of our solutions. We’re partners with major patient advocacy groups in France and prototype in collaboration with notable physicians.


Startup superpower:

We are a one-stop shop for mobile medical application development, from understanding patients’ and physicians’ needs to clinical and regulatory validation.

What problem do you solve?

Patients with a chronic disease like Multiple Sclerosis have more data about their car than about their health. That’s because cars are constantly reporting data, but people only report data on their health during infrequent consultations. We are bridging this data gap with our self-assessment solutions. Our solutions allow patients to take standard medical tests (cognition, vision, dexterity, ambulation), and answer the same questions they would at a doctor’s office, directly on their smartphones and in real time. Physicians can then access test results on a secured web interface, equipping them with data to determine better treatment options for their patients.

We also save time for physicians, supplementing in-person appointments with remote reporting via smartphone, avoiding time-consuming clinical tests.

Competitive advantage:

There are plenty of solutions on the market that are designed to supplement some level of medical information. However, they are a) Mostly patient-diaries, supplying clinicians with qualitative data vs. quantitative data, or b) They rely on special hardware that requires training to use.

Ad Scientiam addresses these two issues head on: our apps provide functional assessment based on clinical standards used by physicians, and they collect and report quantitative, actionable data. Also, the apps run solely on a patient’s smartphone. No extra hardware or learning is required of the patient.

What’s the latest?

Our patient monitoring and reporting app for Multiple Sclerosis, MSCopilot®, is CE-marked as a Class 1 medical device. MSCopilot® is available in France on the AppStore and Google Play. We are currently working toward FDA approval before distributing in the U.S.!


We are also working on additional solutions: This month we announced an agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation to develop a digital assessment scale for Major Depressive Disorders and we’re currently seeking partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies around Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.




Finally, we are working on an ambitious R&D program with French research teams and the support of Microsoft France to build predictive data models.

Startup Advice:

Being part of a startup is an emotional roller coaster. There will be moments when you are high and having fun, and there will be moments when you lose your advantage. Remember to think long term and detach yourself from the daily hurdles. Better things always come!

Why do you love CoMotion Labs?

We really value the proximity to UW academics. As CoMotion Labs members, we’re able to identify and connect with research teams working in neuroscience to explore partnerships.

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