Milestone 1: Register and Find a Mentor


Deadline: May 9, 2021 at 11:59pm

Teams and solopreneurs in this program must be ready to spend several hours per week working on their project over the 6 weeks of the program.

Finding a mentor

Deadline: June 6, 2021 at 11:59pm

What you should look for in a mentor

A good I-Corps mentor is first of all someone you get along with and can work with for 6 weeks on your project! Then, you should be looking for an individual with professional experience in industry or startups who is willing to spend 1-2 hours per week helping you. It is even better if that person knows the industry you will likely be entering (but this is not material for your success in the program).

Where to find a mentor

  • Connect to the Foster business school Startup Tree mentoring database (for students only)
  • Sign your team up in the CoMotion Advisory Solutions mentoring database (indicate you are applying for the I-Corps Site when you complete your profile)
  • Look through the SCORE mentor database
  • Ask your department/program if they have mentors to recommend or if department alums would be interested in joining you 
  • Attend an event where you are likely to find mentors or peers who can recommend mentors

How to use a mentor

  • Regularly engage​
  • Come prepared with questions but leave time to explore topics you did not originally think of​
  • Share learnings about customer discovery​
  • Ask them to review materials​
  • Give them as much notice as possible – do not ask for things last minute!

​Remember, mentors are there to support you and help you ask yourself good questions. They are usually busy individuals so use their time wisely. Conversely, please engage them as they have a lot to give.

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