Milestone 3: Participate in Bootcamps

Four weekly bootcamps

Tuesdays from June 22 to July 13, 9-11am

All teams are encouraged to participate in the four weekly bootcamps offered during the program.

Mastering competitive analysis

Can you master competitive analysis in only two hours? Nope, but we can show you how to get started and make sure you don’t miss competitors that will seem obvious later on. In this session, you will learn how to identify competitive and alternative products and services in order to refine your offering and define your target customer.

Telling compelling stories

As startup founders you will constantly have to tell the story of your venture. Learn some of the key elements behind building a good story and work on your particular story.

How will your startup make money

You cannot build a successful startup unless you can make money. This session will take you through the business models that usually receive funding and become successful startups as a way to help you think about the next steps you will need to take in your lean canvas validation.

Legal aspects of startup formation

In this bootcamp, learn about some key legal considerations around startup formation. When and how should you create the legal entity? What is a capitalization table and how to think about it? When and how to leverage intellectual property in your startup?

Additional bootcamps

Thursdays from June 24 to July 15, 2-4pm

WE-REACH Biomedical Bootcamps

Additional WE-REACH Bootcamp sessions will help biomedical teams delve into additional topics that are specific to the life science industry. Those bootcamps are administered by CoMotion’s partner WE-REACH.

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