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Summer & Winter 2022 Winners

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Summer 2022 winners

Aizy Tech | A vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone that helps search and rescue teams locate victims and gather intel by providing integrated payloads, an intuitive user experience, and the necessary transmission capabilities to quickly collect and convey critical information to team leads.

CathConnect | An adaptation of the the current standard catheter which allows it to safely disconnect when patients with altered mental status try to pull it out, reducing incidence of catheter trauma and decreasing workload on hospital staff.

Culture Curator (NuMedia Frames) | A virtual travel app that helps Gen Z and early millennials who want to feel more socially connected by reducing their social isolation and providing more opportunities for meaningful connection through shared virtual experiences.

inSTENT Connection | This intestinal stent will help surgeons safely form intestinal surgical connections by reducing leakage rates, associated complications, and re-operation rates while increasing ease of procedure compared to traditional methods.

Intracranial Pressure Solutions, Inc. | Developing a novel medical device that allows early and non-invasive treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. It has the potential to improve the quality of life of these patients by reducing the 20% infection risk associated with the current standard of care tools.

Just Right Bite | A sustainable pet food line for customers who want climate-aware pet food that offers a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative. Consumers can have confidence they are making a choice that complements both their personal values and the health of their pet.

MechanicMe | Offers expansion opportunities to serve customers and mechanics across multiple industries, assists small mechanic shops in surviving the social and digital revolution, and connects like-minded individuals to improve business relationships.

NIMBUS | An innovative and unique device to reduce uncontrolled movements and vibrations on neonates during hospital transportation.

Novel Thermoelectric Generator Project | This generator provides independent portable power with instantaneous recharging while running silently, cleanly, and reliably.

Petner | Find new friends for pets and their owners.

Positivity Outward | An app that empowers youth to be successful and well with near-peer mentors. Mentees choose the mentors, topics, and tools they need for their goals while mentors have a powerful and flexible volunteering experience, with the ability to be located anywhere in the world.

The PowerSlider | A device to help caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes move patients from a gurney to a bed, significantly reducing injuries to patients and caregivers.

TrialWear | Hardware and software for clinical trials that reduces workflow burden for research sites while facilitating information exchange with clinicians, decreasing incidence of drug-related injuries, protocol withdrawals, and patient fatalities. Adds value in that it is mobile, identifiable, and customizable for each trial.

Winter 2022 winners

Anthropocene Geoscience | A portfolio of carbon removal pathways based on mineral carbonation for companies with net-zero targets.

Automated Micromobility | An environmentally friendly, high-tech electric tricycle for services such as commuting, package delivery or a self-driving taxi.

Camp for Grownups | A unique, facilitated outdoor experience for burned-out individuals who need rest and inspiration, which offers stress reduction, validation, and a break from busy lives.

DashQuill | A two-way patient intake system which saves time for medical receptionists when patients fill out their own form.

Foundation Bio | Software that connects bioscientists to create a marketplace ecosystem of data and algorithms that enables scientists to understand their data better and faster.

Gleam | A software-based solution to avoid seasonal affective disorder, which saves customers money and is 4x cheaper than the average therapist treatment session.

MagNet | A relationship management tool that make it more efficient to match investments, accelerate deal transactions, and assist the entrepreneurial community in discovering the next unicorn.

PlantSeal | A food barrier that helps packaging producers who want to create compostable food packaging by eliminating toxins and increasing food storage times, unlike toxic or expensive alternatives.

QUIVER | A diagnostic device to measure dental implant stability.

SpO24U | A wearable pulse oximetry device designed for continuous monitoring during movement and exercise.

Spont | A new mobile app that allows people to find nearby activities where they can meet new people with similar interests in a fast and convenient way.

Still Vertical | Connects breast cancer survivors and cancer survivorship clinicians in one friendly, virtual community to provide easy access to both peer support and medical guidance, no matter a patient’s location, insurance, or history.

Turning | A technical recruitment platform that helps teams assess developers’ skills and make evidence-based hiring decisions from real-world assignments, not brainteasers.