Application Process for CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund


Note: The dates below refer to the Spring 2022 cycle. Dates for the Fall 2022 cycle will be posted soon.

The deadline for the declaration of intent for the Spring 2022 cycle is 5 p.m., Monday, March 7, 2022.

  1. Download the S2022 CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund Information Packet. If you are applying for the WE-REACH Program, download the WE-REACH Spring 2022 RFP on the WE-REACH opportunity page, when available.
  2. Join the CoMotion Advisory Solutions community as a Team.
  3. Receive email confirmation, and a link to complete your team profile, then complete your team profile.
  4. IMPORTANT—Select Innovation Gap Fund, Spring 2022 under CoMotion Advisory Solutions Programs—What specific program are you applying for?

Already have a profile in the database system?

No problem. Contact us through the website or at and we’ll send you detailed instructions.

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