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Four ways CoMotion guides innovation toward the greatest impact

Written by Vikram Jandhyala / November 7, 2018


Fall Greetings!

Over the years, we’ve supported UW innovators in many ways. Some people know us for our IP advisory, protection, and licensing services to UW faculty and researchers. Others recognize us as home to CoMotion Labs, our incubator for UW spinouts and external startups. We also offer connections to funding and external partners, business mentoring, and innovation training. This fall, based on collective feedback from the UW community, we organized all of our offerings and services into four fundamental focus areas, clarifying our vision of CoMotion, and making it easier for you to begin your innovator journey with us. They are:

  • IP Advising, Protection & Licensing
  • Innovation Training
  • Funding & Partnerships
  • Startups & Incubation

With the CoMotion mission thus defined, we encourage you to discover the ways our teams can work with you to get your ideas to the best possible impact. Click here to learn more.

Warmly, Vikram

Vikram Jandhyala
UW Vice President for Innovation Strategy
and Executive Director of UW CoMotion