CoMotion Labs startup pilots VR anatomy course at UW School of Dentistry

Written by Gretchen Musgrove / August 23, 2018

Meet Anatomy Next

Led by CEO Sandis Kondrats, Anatomy Next has developed Anatomy Labs - an interactive dissection laboratory for medical students.

This month one of our 90 CoMotion Labs startups, Anatomy Next (mixed reality medical education) piloted a VR dissection simulator program at the UW School of Dentistry, as part of its nascent Anatomy Labs product suite. It helps students learn anatomy of the head and neck in 3D! CEO Sandis Kondrats worked directly with Dr. Katherine Rafferty, Senior Lecturer, Orthodontics, to introduce this new mode of learning to 60+ students enrolled in her August course Head and Neck Anatomy. The goal of the pilot was to evaluate learning quality, retention, effective delivery of anatomical structures, and accessibility for both teachers and students. Also, UW School of dentistry's students were the first ones to get their hands on the recently released book, Visual Guide to The Anatomy of The Skull.


“The fact that CoMotion Labs is a part of the University of Washington allowed us to make critical connections with professors and departments we otherwise would have had a more difficult time establishing.” – Sandis Kondrats, CEO, Anatomy Next

Benefits of Mixed Reality Medical Education

Anatomical accuracy

The Anatomy Labs software provides the opportunity to study and interact with anatomical systems for life-like experiences, examine the human body layer-by-layer, system-by-system, and digitally simulate dissections again and again. It is specifically designed to mimic the ‘pin test’ where students have to find anatomical structures in cadavers.

Reduced barriers to learning

• No cost of cadaver: working with cadavers is costly (room, equipment, transport)
• No limit to hands on experience: typically students share dissection sessions with peers
• No harmful chemicals are used vs during actual dissection
• Reduced anxiety via working with a a virtual cadaver

The view from inside a headset

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