Social Entrepreneurship Summer Fellowship


Think of this summer fellowship as engaging the three Ps: planet, people and profit. The student has a chance to apply her or his business savvy, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial acumen in such fields as education, alternative energy, microfinance, healthcare, healthy food, or sustainable consumer products. 


First-year MBAs, and first- and second-year Evening MBAs, who are committed to social and/or environmental entrepreneurship. Fellowships are considered full-time and must be for a minimum of ten weeks. 

Selection Criteria

The quality of the job will be evaluated by the level of responsibility, the ability of the fellow to use skills gained during their MBA program, the opportunity to work with the CEO or director, and the commitment of the host organization to match at least 25% of the summer fellow salary of $8,000. All proposed positions must clearly delineate the benefits to the host organization and the community it serves. The mission of the organization must fall within the social/environmental entrepreneurship realm. There must be a clear description of the project, the work to be accomplished, and clear deliverables. Fellowships in large, established firms will not be considered, nor will research-focused projects. Financial support from the host organization is a critical component of the fellowship—and a sign of commitment to the MBA.

Application Process

Please submit a one-page resume; a brief description (two pages or less) of the organization, a description of the project and deliverables, and how the internship will provide benefit to the host and the community it serves; an essay from the MBA describing how the fellowship will advance his/her career goals; a Letter of Intent from the host organization stating their commitment to the MBA, identifying their need for a fellow, and agreeing to a $2,000 minimum match. Email your application to Samantha Ogle at


Please get in touch with Samantha Ogle at or 206-616-8687 for more information.