Thomas Malone

Entrepreneur in Residence

With over 20 years of top level executive leadership experience, Tom Malone is recognized for his entrepreneurial business acumen, his deft hand in creating fast moving, winning teams, and his proven ability to focus a team on the prioritized tasks at hand. He utilizes lean leadership practices to achieve profitability, grow revenue and scale start-up ventures and high growth potential companies to generally increase enterprise value. Tom produces results by quickly assessing and identifying patterns in challenging situations, discerning critical opportunities and rallying the team around a vision. 

Tom is adept at executing growth, profitability and cost reduction strategies through leveraging his experience and acumen, influencing and working with stakeholders and connecting overall strategy to the tactics needed to achieve profitable growth. He addresses under-performing organizations by challenging the status quo and instilling the culture and processes required to build on established skills while energizing programs and people. Tom has raised over $90 million for the companies he has led.

Focus: Clean Tech

Tom Malone