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UW CoMotion Elevates Puget Sound Region as Center of Innovation
Jun 30 2016

As the state’s premier research institution, the University of Washington has a profound impact at both the local and global levels. In addition to being the top recipient of federal research dollars among the nation’s public universities, UW generates $12.5 billion in economic impact for the state, and is one of the top universities for technology startups. In part because of this, Reuters recently ranked UW as the #1 most innovative public university in the world.
Within the university, CoMotion serves as the collaborative innovation hub. CoMotion is where anyone at UW who has a useful vision can go to turn their innovations into impact. To this end, CoMotion offers a wide variety of tools and services that potential startups need, from the seed of an idea to the launch of a startup and beyond. UW startups can also plug into Seattle’s thriving innovation community by joining a CoMotion incubator.


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