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UW joins 3rd Seattle Startup Week together with Amazon, Buerk Center and UPS
Nov 18 2016

Two months ago, a group of academic and industry partners across Seattle joined together for the third annual Seattle Startup Week. This jam-packed week-long event is aimed at anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship. This year, there were over 150 events around the region with topics ranging from learning from failure, funding, and civic and social impact. CoMotion was fortunate enough to lead the University track, which included seven different events geared towards connecting startups with UW resources.

Over 300 Attend CoMotion Open House
Nov 12 2016

There are fish, dozens of them, poking around the sunken ship. The wreck itself is a freighter, perhaps, but it is hard to tell in the weak light. I turn to my left and there, looming out of the gloom, is a giant blue whale. Then I take off the virtual reality (VR) goggles and just as suddenly I am back where I started: a small conference room in the new CoMotion Labs@HQ, on a sunny Seattle afternoon.

CoMotion and Amazon Announce Latest Amazon Catalyst Fellows
Oct 28 2016

Amazon Catalyst has awarded 12 grants to a variety of University of Washington students, faculty and staff to fund big ideas. The Amazon Catalyst program is a collaboration between UW CoMotion and Amazon to encourage innovation within the UW community and awards grants of up to $100,000 per project. The goal of the program is to inspire people to think big, invent solutions to real-world problems, and make a positive impact on the world.

C21 + CoMotion Ideathon: Innovation 2.0: Changing College to Change the World
Oct 26 2016

In January 2017, the College of Arts & Sciences and CoMotion team up again to invite students to imagine how we can put innovation at the heart of the undergraduate experience. In what ways can Arts & Sciences students play a central role in the development of the Innovation District, and more generally, in inclusive innovation at the University of Washington? How can we help students realize their potential, not just to change the landscape of innovation at the University of Washington, but to change the world for the better?

UW wins national nanotechnology startup challenge for breast cancer treatment
Sep 19 2016

Most medical advancements of modern life started in the laboratory. Some, like the polio vaccine, sprouted from years of research directed toward combating a specific disease. Other breakthroughs, like penicillin, were discoveries in “basic” research later shown to have a clinical benefit. But translating a discovery into a clinical treatment can take years — though penicillin was first isolated in 1928, it took about 15 years to fully realize its clinical potential and develop a pipeline for mass production.

Innovation District Grows with Opening of New UW CoMotion Headquarters Building
Jun 30 2016

CoMotion, the collaborative innovation hub at the University of Washington, will move to a new headquarters (HQ) in mid-August. The CoMotion HQ building will also house CoMotion’s third and newest incubator space which will cater to early-stage virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) startups. Together, these two developments will situate CoMotion at the heart of Seattle’s growing Innovation District.

UW CoMotion Elevates Puget Sound Region as Center of Innovation
Jun 30 2016

As the state’s premier research institution, the University of Washington has a profound impact at both the local and global levels. In addition to being the top recipient of federal research dollars among the nation’s public universities, UW generates $12.5 billion in economic impact for the state, and is one of the top universities for technology startups. In part because of this, Reuters recently ranked UW as the #1 most innovative public university in the world.
Within the university, CoMotion serves as the collaborative innovation hub. CoMotion is where anyone at UW who has a useful vision can go to turn their innovations into impact. To this end, CoMotion offers a wide variety of tools and services that potential startups need, from the seed of an idea to the launch of a startup and beyond. UW startups can also plug into Seattle’s thriving innovation community by joining a CoMotion incubator.


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