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Exploring inclusive solutions to disruption
Feb 02 2017

Ken Denman made the stakes plain right from the start. “Innovation never sleeps,” he said. “Nobody is safe.” Denman is a venture partner with Sway Ventures. He was speaking to more than two hundred people in Kane Hall as part of a panel for the fifth in a series of CoMotion Innovation Chats. Joining him were Ana Mari Cauce, President of the University of Washington, and Jim Hargrove, a former state senator from Hoquiam, on the Olympic Peninsula. Their topic: “Exploring Inclusive Solutions to Disruption.”

UW CoMotion announces expansion of CoMotion Labs to Spokane
Jan 31 2017


CoMotion, the University of Washington’s collaborative innovation hub, is pleased to announce the expansion of CoMotion Labs to Spokane. This expansion of CoMotion services will connect the region’s vibrant startup community more fully with western Washington’s. Called CoMotion Labs @ Spokane, its mission is to contribute to the growth of the innovation community in eastern Washington by bringing UW resources, assets, tools and networks to the region.

Amazon Catalyst Fellow moves further with self-driving trike
Jan 27 2017

Tyler Folsom, a professor of computing and software systems and recipient of the Amazon Catalyst fellowship takes his autonomous tricycle prototype for a test drive. With the help of two UW students, Abdullahi Abdinur and Joseph Donn, they programmed a path at the UW soccer field and drove Elcana, named after the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe, for the first time.

UW Tacoma spinoff KenSci raises $8.5M for its machine learning healthcare platform
Jan 25 2017

Today marks an important milestone for UW Tacoma spinoff, KenSci, a healthcare data and machine learning platform. The company announced today that it has raised $8.5M in a Series A funding led by Ignition Partners with participation from Osage University Partners and Mindset Ventures. The funding will accelerate innovation for KenSci’s machine learning platform and expand operations to support the company’s rapidly growing customer base.

UW CoMotion spinoff Phase Genomics launches platform for genome assembly
Jan 16 2017

Over the last three years, CoMotion at the University of Washington has partnered with Phase Genomics to provide dramatically improved genome and metagenome assemblies.

UW Student Voices Her Experience at the CoMotion Ideathon
Jan 16 2017

Susana Machado, a humanities student at UW, talks about what she gathered from collaborating with fellow UW students from diverse backgrounds and other fields of study during her weekend at the Ideathon.

Link to article:

A CoMotion Student Ideathon for the Physical Future of UW
Jan 13 2017

Sally Clark stood in front of the CoMotion MakerSpace in Fluke Hall and asked her audience for a show of hands. “How many of you know of the Rainier Vista?” Many hands shot up. “Drumheller Fountain?” More hands. “How many of you have been to the Quad? Red Square?” Almost all the hands now. “Okay,” Clark said. “Now, how many of you know about West Campus?” The hands started to wilt. Click here to watch video of the Ideathon.

Next UW CoMotion Innovation Chat Series at end of January
Jan 09 2017

On January 31, CoMotion will host the fifth in our series of CoMotion Innovation Chats where we bring together academia, industry, and community leaders to spur a dialogue on important issues and technology of the day. The recent election was a tangible reminder of the invisible walls separating our communities and the need to build greater communication and understanding.

UW Spinoff PvP Biologics Announces $35 Million Agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical
Jan 05 2017

UW-spinoff PvP Biologics has announced a $35 million agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical to advance its therapy for celiac disease. The therapy, an oral enzyme called KumaMax, is currently in pre-clinical development.

Celiac disease is an immune system disorder in which even small amounts of gluten can damage the digestive system and lead to significant health problems, including acute gastrointestinal distress and malnutrition. The disease affects more than two million Americans.

What You May Not Know About Intellectual Property Management and Innovation Licensing at the UW
Dec 21 2016

Say you are an innovator in the University of Washington community, whether faculty or staff or student, and you have a good idea for a product or service based on your research that you’d like to commercialize. Thus will commence a process that likely includes more research, development, the securing of funding, and connecting with industry experts.


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