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Introducing the 2017 Jones + Foster Accelerator Cohort
Aug 02 2017

[This story comes to us from Charles Trillingham, Foster: Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship]
The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship accepted 9 student-created teams into the 2017 cohort of the Jones + Foster Accelerator (J+FA). These new entrepreneurs will work under the mentorship of top Seattle entrepreneurs and investors for the next 6 months. Those who meet their milestones and complete the accelerator can earn up to $25,000 in follow-on funding.

Congratulations to all the accepted teams! Among these teams, CoMotion is pleased to have supported A-Alpha Bio, EpiForAll, LC-Tourniquet Inc and ShopSight by filing the patents, hosting the Idea to Plan Workshop, introducing them to business mentors, Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (EIRs) and external funding sources or awarding them grants from the CoMotion Innovation Fund. CoMotion is committed to helping the UW innovation community step up to the next level.

ID Genomics Won Prestigious UK Award as the Only Commercial Entity from US
Aug 01 2017

[This story comes to us from Evgeni V. Sokurenko, UW School of Medicine] 
UW startup ID Genomics won the prestigious Discovery Award in the UK with a seed-funding grant to help further develop their ideas for their Longitude Prize application and create a diagnostic test that helps solve the problem of global antibiotic resistance. ID Genomics is the only commercial entity from the US this year. They launched back in 2013 with the support of CoMotion.

When you go to a grocery store and buy something, the cashier scans the barcode on the box to track what you are buying and how much it costs. ID Genomics has developed barcodes that similarly identify bacteria. Using this technology will enable your care provider to quickly scan the bacteria for their unique barcode. The doctor will no longer have to guess what you should be treated with - now they will be able to make these decisions based on evidence.

Large-scale antibiotic overuse is now accompanied by devastating statistics regarding antimicrobial resistance. ID Genomics’ technology has the potential to improve healthcare outcomes and save lives by matching the infecting bug with the right drug the FIRST time a patient comes to a clinic. It is ID Genomics' goal to pinpoint resistance outbreaks and curb the dissemination of resistant strains through the global healthcare community.

Building A Better Battery
Jul 25 2017

[This story comes to us from Chelsea Yates, UW College of Engineering
Imagine revolutionizing the renewable energy market with the silica gel packets you find in shoeboxes and snack bags. Membrion is working to do just that to innovate battery storage with a lower cost, improved battery membrane that uses silica gel to better filter molecules. UniEnergy Technologies, Energy Storage Systems and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are eager to see this technology become successful.

Membrion also thanks CoMotion for taking part in helping Membrion bridge the gap from idea to product, hire research assistants and advance the technology. CoMotion also provided valuable IP coaching and helped Membrion apply for their patent. As always, CoMotion is here to support faculty and student entrepreneurship for research, innovation and commercialization.

Bilingual Babies: Study Shows How Exposure to Foreign Language Ignites Infants’ Learning
Jul 21 2017

[This story comes to us from UW Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS)]
For years, scientists and parents have touted the benefits of introducing babies to two languages: Bilingual experience has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, especially problem-solving. But, can babies in monolingual households develop such skills? Can children enjoy bilingual learning classes? The research results of UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) says yes to these questions.

The team has developed a play-based, intensive language method and curriculum to ignite bilingual education for children. This video will show you how much the children learned and how much fun they had in I-LABS's bilingual learning class.

The CoMotion Innovation Fund program is pleased to fund the development of instructional resources and teacher-training tools for adoption of the bilingual learning approach in Washington and across the US.

Connecting Learning with Making
Jul 14 2017

CoMotion would like to sincerely thank the University of Washington College of Education for sharing this story of Connecting learning with making.

When Luke Reichley was in elementary school 20-odd years ago, paint and clay were his primary tools for making.

UW Student Teams Create Pilot Solutions for Future Road Usage Charge
Jul 10 2017

Every time you fill your car with gas (assuming your car even runs on gas), you pay a state tax of about forty-nine cents per gallon. The gas tax is the state’s principal source of revenue for its road, bridges, and ferries. But even with the second-highest such tax in the country, the state struggles to meet its responsibilities of maintaining its transportation infrastructure.

CoMotion leading change through challenges toward opportunities
Jun 16 2017

In 2014, Vikram Jandhyala was intentionally brought in by the leadership including then-Provost Ana Mari Cauce to innovate tech transfer and build upon its previous successes as the Center for Commercialization. As a result, CoMotion has been built to be consistent with the vision of UW leadership to transform from a solely tech transfer/ commercialization model to an inclusive innovation hub with a focus around innovation transfer, innovation learning and innovation strategy.

Consuls General visit CoMotion with special guest Seattle Mayor Ed Murray
Jun 12 2017

Last week, a group of 55 consuls general representing countries from around the world made a special trip to Seattle to learn best practices from one of the world’s premiere innovation ecosystems. The day began with a visit to City Hall, Fred Hutch, and the Amazon headquarters. The day concluded with a trip to CoMotion where the consuls heard from our Executive Director Vikram Jandhyala, a panel of representatives from our own CoMotion innovation ecosystem, and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.

A Year in Review for the Amazon Catalyst Program
Jun 02 2017

November 2015, UW CoMotion and Amazon came together to form the Amazon Catalyst program to help bring big ideas to life. Open to all three UW campuses and all disciplines, the program provides the winners with mentorship, community through the Amazon Catalyst Fellows, and funding between $10,000 and $100,000 per project. Amazon Catalyst is not a traditional research fund; it is a different kind of funding model aimed to stimulate big, bold ideas with immediate impact.

Innovation Fund Spring 2017 Winners
Jun 01 2017

The CoMotion Innovation Fund is a partnership between CoMotion and the Washington Research Foundation to support innovations that have a high chance of creating impact but are unlikely to get there without additional funding. ”Our program is intended to help technologies and ideas get across the tipping point between the conclusion of academic research grants and the level of development at which they can attract seed stage investment,” Jeanette Ennis, the Associate Director of Innovation Investments, emphasizes.


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