/  May 4, 2017

OneRadio to Demonstrate its High Dynamic Range (HDR) Receiver Technology at RadarConf ’17

OneRadio Corporation, a spinout from CoMotion at the University of Washington (UW), today announced that it would demonstrate its HDR receiver technology at the 2017 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf ’17) in Seattle, May 9th to 11th. 

OneRadio is based on a patent pending invention - a novel way to detect weak Radio Frequency (RF) signals in the presence of very strong RF signals, a problem that has challenged the radio industry from its inception. This invention has the potential to create a new generation of applications and services that will provide unparalleled simultaneous visibility and access into the entire radio spectrum.

Using the invention, the company has developed a wideband radio receiver platform called OneRadio, that allows for extremely broadband RF reception with an instantaneous bandwidth of 2.5 GHz and a very high dynamic range with a noise floor of -195 dBW/Hz in the presence of a strong signal of up to 10 dBm at the receiver. This unprecedented visibility into the RF spectrum enables a new generation of applications in wireless security, spectrum monitoring and analytics, communications, passive radar, and others targeting Defense, Aerospace, Telecom, and Enterprises.

“We are excited to demonstrate our OneRadio receiver technology which is based on a foundational high dynamic range invention”, said Mohan Vaghul, CEO of OneRadio. “OneRadio brings range, extreme sensitivity and high bandwidth to receivers, with the potential to reshape the applications in wireless reception and security.”

At the RadarConf ’17, OneRadio will be conducting live demonstrations of wideband RF operations using its OneRadio platform. RF operations will include live display of 0 - 2 GHz of the RF spectrum operating in the presence of a 3 dBm signal into the receiver with a noise floor of -195 dBW/Hz, which is unprecedented under these conditions.

“OneRadio is the result of years of research at UW’s Department of Electrical Engineering,” said Vikram Jandhyala, Executive Director, CoMotion and Vice President for Innovation Strategy at the University of Washington, Seattle. “CoMotion is pleased to have worked with this team over the past two years to help commercialize this complex technology by working with them on licensing, patent filings, marketing and business development.”

To see the OneRadio demonstrations, please visit us at OneRadio’s booth (#209) at RadarConf ’19. For further information, please contact Mohan Vaghul (mohan.vaghul@gmail.com) or visit www.oneradiocorp.com.