/  August 1, 2017

ID Genomics Won Prestigious UK Award as the Only Commercial Entity from US

[This story comes to us from Evgeni V. Sokurenko, UW School of Medicine] 
UW startup ID Genomics won the prestigious Discovery Award in the UK with a seed-funding grant to help further develop their ideas for their Longitude Prize application and create a diagnostic test that helps solve the problem of global antibiotic resistance. ID Genomics is the only commercial entity from the US this year. They launched back in 2013 with the support of CoMotion.

When you go to a grocery store and buy something, the cashier scans the barcode on the box to track what you are buying and how much it costs. ID Genomics has developed barcodes that similarly identify bacteria. Using this technology will enable your care provider to quickly scan the bacteria for their unique barcode. The doctor will no longer have to guess what you should be treated with - now they will be able to make these decisions based on evidence.

Large-scale antibiotic overuse is now accompanied by devastating statistics regarding antimicrobial resistance. ID Genomics’ technology has the potential to improve healthcare outcomes and save lives by matching the infecting bug with the right drug the FIRST time a patient comes to a clinic. It is ID Genomics' goal to pinpoint resistance outbreaks and curb the dissemination of resistant strains through the global healthcare community.