/  November 2, 2016

CoMotion at UW to Host Open House, AR/VR/MX Immersion at New Headquarters


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CoMotion at the University of Washington to Host Open House, AR/VR/MX Immersion at New Headquarters

CoMotion Labs @ Headquarters now hosts 14 AR/VR/MX startups


SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 3, 2016—CoMotion at the University of Washington will hold an open house at its new headquarters facility on November 3, from 4 – 6PM. Visitors will get the chance to immerse themselves in offerings from seven of the augmented reality/virtual reality/mixed reality (AR/VR/MX) startups currently housed at the new CoMotion Labs @HQ.

Special guests making remarks include: Gerald Baldasty, Provost and Executive Vice President at the University of Washington; Brian Bonlender, Director of Washington State Department of Commerce; Matt McIlwain, Managing Director for Madrona Venture Group; and Christine Gregoire, CEO, Challenge Seattle and former Washington State Governor. Vikram Jandhyala, Vice President for Innovation Strategy and Executive Director of CoMotion, will moderate.

The event comes as CoMotion Labs @HQ, which opened last summer, already has fourteen startups specializing in AR/VR/MX and is the only startup incubator focused on VR/AR/MX in the region. According to the Virtual Reality Reporter, the VR/AR/MR market is expected to hit $4 billion by the end of 2016, and $40 billion by 2020. The industry will disrupt all other verticals, providing new ways to interact with all types of environments (real or artificial) for the purpose of communications, learning, designing, medicine, and more. 

CoMotion Labs @HQ joins existing spaces @Fluke Hall and @Startup Hall. Together, CoMotion Labs provides a multi-industry labs system, hosting startups from both inside and outside the University of Washington community in IT, engineering, life sciences, medical devices, clean tech and AR/VR/MX. CoMotion Labs averages between 30 to 50 startups at any given time, ranging from pre-seed to Series A. Startups employ two to fifteen people each, and are variously headed by students, faculty, and community leaders, with both new and seasoned entrepreneurs represented. 

The startups currently hosted at CoMotion Labs @HQ represent a range of disciplines including healthcare, filmmaking, art, design, education, machine learning, and gaming:

  • Binomial aims to build the best texture compressor on the market in terms of quality, speed, and compressed size for all relevant GPUs.
  • Fearless 360° is a new media and virtual reality production company.  
  • Invrse Studios is a high-end VR game shop, working on cutting-edge content and innovative interaction.
  • KRNL Labs is a new technology incubator focused on driving scenarios that leverage Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.
  • Mechanical Dreams VR is a cinematic VR content company, specializing in innovative and authentic storytelling.
  • MultiModal Health develops connected platforms using affordable sensing and analytic technology to understand and improve health for everyone.
  • Pear Med is a digital reality company that researches and develops medical technology to improve patient care with spatial anatomical visualizations, accessible and educational imaging, and simulation.
  • Ryan Boudinot is developing VR content projects and covering the Northwest immersive media industry on his blog, ryanboudinotisahack.com.
  • scobot explores what it means to create fine art both in and for VR.
  • Sebastian Sanchez is a creative and skilled video producer with more than nine years of experience in web-distributed video and animation production.
  • Simulated Immersive eXperimental Realities (SIXR) provides access to under-represented groups in the VR/AR/360 community as they make pioneering waves with cinematic VR events and services between a network of founders.
  • Timbre Interactive is a game development studio exploring the intersections of musical immersion, personal expression, and playful interactivity. Their first title “Sentris” is an award-winning musical puzzle game live now on Steam and other digital storefronts.
  • TXO Productions will bring educational entertainment to kids via mini documentaries.
  • Vrgonauts is a virtual and augmented reality-focused interaction design firm specializing in usability testing and data-driven human-computer interaction solutions.

CoMotion Headquarters is located at 4545 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98105.

About CoMotion

CoMotion at the University of Washington (UW) is the collaborative innovation hub dedicated to expanding the societal impact of the UW community. By developing and connecting local and global innovation ecosystems, CoMotion helps innovators achieve the greatest impact from their discoveries. We deliver the tools and connections UW researchers and students need to accelerate the impact of their innovations.


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