/  April 27, 2017

CoMotion Proud to Support UW Business Plan Competition Sweet Sixteen Semifinalists

The UW Business Plan Competition (BPC) announced their Sweet 16 semifinalists last evening, and five of the teams have CoMotion connections. Some were assisted by a manager from our Innovation Development team, or were introduced to mentors, while others received funding in the form of development or seed grants, but all of them show CoMotion’s commitment to inclusive innovation at the University of Washington.

  • A-Alpha Bio aims to reduce the number of drugs that fail after reaching late-stage clinical trials by providing the first multiplexed in vitro toxicity screen to quantitatively measure off-target inhibition of protein interactions.
  • EpiForAll has created an affordable epinephrine auto-injector alternative to existing, expensive auto-injectors, which will provide access to a life-saving drug to consumers currently priced out of the market in the U.S. and abroad.
  • LC-Tourniquet represents the first pre-hospital treatment for Acute Limb Ischemia, a multibillion-dollar industry.
  • Membrion borrows technology from the food packaging industry to make a membrane that lowers the cost of clean water, alternative energy and longer lasting batteries, making filtering molecules as simple as brewing a cup of coffee.
  • PlayGait brings the first non-electronic pediatric exoskeleton: an adjustable, low-cost gait improvement device that clinicians and parents can use to support in-home and community walking practice for kids with neuromuscular disorders.

Now in its twentieth year, the UW Business Plan Competition aims to promote student ideas and new venture creation. It gives students from around the state an opportunity to present business plans to venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and investors in the Seattle area. This year’s competition began with 82 teams, representing 12 colleges and universities throughout Washington. The first round of judging whittled the number of teams down to 36, before the Sweet 16 were just now named. These sixteen will make their pitches to a panel of judges on the morning of May 25, with the Final Round taking place later that afternoon, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Congratulations to all the semifinalists! Read more about the UW BPC on the FOSTER BLOG.