/  October 26, 2016

C21 + CoMotion Ideathon: Innovation 2.0: Changing College to Change the World

Innovation 2.0: Changing College to Change the World

In January 2017, A&S and CoMotion team up again to invite students to imagine how we can put innovation at the heart of the undergraduate experience. In what ways can Arts & Sciences students play a central role in the development of the Innovation District, and more generally, in inclusive innovation at the University of Washington? How can we help students realize their potential, not just to change the landscape of innovation at the University of Washington, but to change the world for the better?  

Students will work in teams over 48 intensive hours, drawing on the expertise of innovation leaders from within and outside UW as mentors, panelists, and experts. In this Ideathon, we will focus on the value students bring to inclusive innovation and on the importance of 21st century story skills. By the end of the weekend, teams will deliver digital stories of how innovation can be a meaningful, motivating part of the UW undergraduate experience.

What is an ideathon?

Good question! An ideathon is a short, intensive, workshop-like experience for students to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Participants work in teams and use design thinking and innovative learning practices to ideate and collaborate on possible solutions.

C21 + CoMotion Ideathons are primarily for undergraduate students from all disciplines. In fact, the best ideathons combine students from many majors – a biology student working together with a linguist, a drama student and a political science major. The wider cross-section of students involved, the more perspectives there are to come up with insights that are relevant and novel.


  • What:  ARTSCI 150A,  1-2 credits Winter 2017
  • Who: The College of Arts & Sciences, CoMotion + YOU
  • When: 3pm Friday, January 6 - 3pm Sunday, January 8, 2017 
  • Why: Mentoring, skills development, prizes and intense fun!


  • Earn 1-2 academic credits toward Winter Quarter 2017
  • Engage in an alternative, out of classroom experience in CoMotion's own MakerSpace;
  • Be mentored by leaders in education and innovation;
  • Gain 21st century critical skills in collaboration and design thinking, complete with final digital media presentation to judges and guests at CoMotion's headquarters;
  • Enjoy 2 complementary meals and enough snacks to fuel your teamwork throughout the weekend

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