/  May 4, 2017

4 reasons why UW is the place to build a startup

Swurveys is the “All Swipe, No Type” survey tool. It’s disrupting the survey industry as it provides a solution to the boring task of making and taking surveys. Take one of our demos here and you’ll see how we do it differently.

Our company is a strong advocate for working with University of Washington students, some of the best and brightest in the world. From being in CoMotion Labs @ Startup Hall to tabling at The HUB, we love meeting the students that represent our target market. Innovation is what our team is all about, so being in the world's #1 public university for innovation is more than just a real estate decision. Here are four ways we stay in tune with the best and brightest minds in our community:


  1. Attending Career Fairs - For me, it was love at first swipe. By partnering with CoMotion in creating a pre-event Swurvey, I was amazed by the engagement and potential of Swurveys. It was one of the few companies I talked to that day, and I’m very happy to have ended up as an intern. Since then, we’ve been able to have students swipe on other career fairs, such as the Sales Career Fair at the Foster School of Business.
  2. Introducing Competitions - Our first competition was a huge success, with an engagement of hundreds of organically sourced UW students. You can find the highlights of that use case here. This has allowed us to reach all parts of the campus - our last winner was a student in the School of Dentistry!
  3. Creating Campus Engagement - Swurveys has been seen tabling on campus on multiple occasions. By showing some love to the UW community, we’ve educated hundreds of students on our product and how it can help them be a better student and leader. We’re even considering creating a student account plan for campuses to use to aid their academics.
  4. Partnering with Classes - With a senior level marketing course and an upper level entrepreneurship class, Swurveys has allowed students to get real time experience in the startup environment. Through weekly meetings with these students, our team provides advice and direction. As a Senior at the Foster School of Business myself, I can vouch that the ability to work with an actual company on actual business problems is invaluable and in no way can compare to the classroom.

Want to get your #SwurveOn, or learn more? Click here. Go Dawgs, and Go Swurve.