CoMotion Innovation Fund Key Dates


Please hold these dates on your calendar

Unless otherwise specified, all CoMotion Innovation Fund activities will be held at CoMotion Headquarters:

4545 Roosevelt Way NE, 
Seattle, WA  98105

DECLARATION: Unless otherwise indicated, all steps are mandatory and the deliverables will be used when evaluating whether or not a project should continue to move forward in this Innovation Fund cycle, and/or receive funding.

Declarations of Intent: Database Profile Due

Friday, February 3rd (5pm)

Beginning in Fall 2016, the CoMotion Innovation Fund Declaration of Intent (DOI) will be submitted via the CoMotion Online Advisory Solutions Database. Ask your Innovation Manager for a link to set up a profile.  Your profile in the database will be used to facilitate matching a business advisor (EIR and/or mentor) with your team. Your advisor, in conjunction with an Innovation Fund Fellow, will assist you in developing a business case for your technology.

Round Robin Feedback Sessions – OPTIONAL

Tuesday, February 14 (8am-12pm)

Thursday, March 2 (11am-3pm)

Your team’s Primary Investigator is strongly encouraged to attend a Round Robin Feedback Session during the month of September. Email to confirm when you will be able to attend. This will help us to ensure there are enough advisors on-hand for all participants.

Lean Canvas Due

Friday, March 3rd (5pm)

Customer Discovery List and Survey Questions Due

Friday, March 10th (5pm)

Obtaining customer feedback is a vital part of validating the market need, identifying early adopters, and determining potential buyers. You will be required to describe the customer landscape and provide specific customer feedback as part of the application process. Your advisor and Innovation Fund Fellow can help you to draft a customer survey and help identify customer contacts.

Pitch Practice Sessions - MANDATORY

Monday, March 6 (1-5pm)

Tuesday, March 14 (1pm-5pm)

Wednesday, March 22 (1pm-5pm)

Friday, March 31 (8am-12pm)

The team PI must attend a Screening Pitch Session during the month of March.  Email to select a 30 minute appointment time. 

Customer Survey Summary and Revised Lean Canvas Due           

Friday, April 7th (5pm)

Full Proposal Due

Friday, April 21st (5pm)

Final Reviews: Life Sciences

Tuesday, May 2nd (12-5pm)

Final Reviews: Engineering

Wednesday, May 3rd (12-5pm)

Award Announcements


Kickoff Meetings Scheduled


Projects Begin

June 2017

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