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What is Commercialization and How Does it Drive Impact?

Commercialization helps deliver the work of innovators like you into the right markets, giving you a chance at recognition, distribution, and utilization of your work to its full potential.

  • Here are the steps you’ll take to pursue the commercial impact of your innovation.

  • What are the real-world opportunities for our innovation?

Your work has resulted in an interesting breakthrough. You believe it could yield real benefits for someone or something — but how do you discover its best use?

  • What is “it” — the product or service?
  • Who exactly would use it, and why?
  • How would they get access to it?
  • How big an opportunity is this?

Your innovations are just one piece of a successful model for distribution. Before you move forward, you also have to identify your customer base and an appropriate prototype.

  • Whose help do we need to launch?
  • How do we identify our customer base?
  • At a minimum, what deliverables do our customers need from us?

You’ve considered the potential use for your innovation, but what pieces of it are you actually able to isolate, protect and deliver? That’s where intellectual property (IP) comes in.

As you prepare to share your idea with the world, you need to create a prototype that clearly shows its benefits.

  • What prototype or demonstration could impress our potential customers?
  • Which customers should we focus on first?

How do you know when you’re ready to distribute, and how does it happen?

  • Are initial customers signed up?
  • Is our product or service ready to deliver?
  • Do we have the team we need to launch?

Getting your innovation into the real world is an outstanding accomplishment, but you always need to keep an eye on the future —reaching more customers, additional releases or updates, and more.

  • How can we work toward broad adoption of our solution?
  • Will our customers need ongoing support?
  • Should we continue to build on this idea or head in a different direction?


We at CoMotion engage with the entire UW innovation community, and students are a vital part of our work. In partnership with the Foster School of Business, CoMotion offers a number of exciting opportunities for students at all levels to get real-world experience while completing their degree. We also partner with the UW Law School on their Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, which teams students with pro bono attorneys and business advisors.

Student Spotlight 

Revolutionizing Genome Sequencing
Revolutionizing Genome Sequencing
Josh Burton, Genome Sciences PhD student, discusses making genome sequencing easier the fill out the tree of life.
3-Dimensional Protein “Crystals”
3-Dimensional Protein “Crystals”
Una Nattermann, a Biochemistry PhD student, talks about the benefits of creating 3-dimensional protein crystals.
Targeted Disease Therapeutics
Targeted Disease Therapeutics
Gabe Butterfield, a PhD student in Molecular & Cellular Biology, discusses how using targeted mRNA delivery can help cure diseases using non-surgical means.

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